25th Anniversary Northwest Tandem Rally

NWTR 2010 is the twenty-fifth annual Northwest Tandem Rally. NWTR 2010 organizers are tandem bicycle enthusiasts living and riding in the Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon. We welcome tandem bicyclists to share in the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Northwest Tandem Rally hosted in Medford, Oregon and the Rogue Valley.

About The Rogue Valley

Geographically, the Rogue Valley is the drainage of the Rogue River and it's tributary, Bear Creek. The valley is bordered to the west by the ancient Siskiyou Mountains and to the east by the relatively young volcanic Cascade Range. The Rogue Valley is also Tandem Country. NWTR 2010 will ride the flat to gently rolling country roads through pear orchards and vineyards, family farms and horse ranches that connect the historic small towns that dot the valley.

How far are you away from NWTR 2010?

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Where is the Rogue Valley and Medford?

The Interstate 5 highway corridor runs through the Rogue Valley and Medford. Medford is 27 miles north of the California border: