Past Rallies

2014 Pendleton, OR
2013 cancelled
2012 Salem, OR

2011 Spokane, WA
2010 Medford, OR
2009 Victoria, BC
2008 McMinnville, OR
2007 Yakima, WA
2006 Corvallis,OR
2005 Bend, OR
2004 Lacey, WA
2003 Eugene, OR
2002 Boise, ID
2001 Pendleton, OR
2000 Port Angeles, WA
1999 Corvallis, OR
1998 Spokane, WA
1997 Eugene, OR
1996 Klamath Falls, OR
1995 Victoria, BC
1994 Portland, OR
1993 Mt. Vernon, WA
1992 Albany, OR
1991 Chehallis, WA
1990 Baker City, OR
1989 Bend, OR
1988 Tacoma, WA
1987 Eugene, OR
1986 Corvallis, OR

Welcome to the home of the Northwest Tandem Rally

Welcome to the permanent home of the Northwest Tandem Rally. The NWTR has traveled extensively throughout the northwest since 1986. The event has traditionally been on Memorial Day weekend but depending on venue and calendar may also be held on Fourth of July weekend. It is produced as an all-volunteer event, designed to be family oriented, grassroots and affordable. To the left is a complete list of rallies to date. From 2002 on there are links to archives. All links on this page will open a new window.

If you are interested in hosting a future rally please email us and someone from the Organizers Committee will contact you. This group is comprised of past and future organizers and meets annually on the first night of each rally to hear proposals for future rallies. The group also discusses and decides any questions that arise throughout the year and provides resources and support to upcoming organizers.

We are excited to have the 2015 NWTR scheduled Bellingham. It will also be Fourth of July weekend.